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I’ll never tell someone else to do a burpee, because I don’t want to do a burpee!

After working at fitness studios around the city, I’ve finally found my favorite way to take care of myself, and others. Stretching! While I’ve always been active, it wasn’t until I injured myself that I became interested in recovery, and both the importance and benefits of taking care of my body. 

At Stretch*d I work with every type of person. It doesn’t matter if they workout regularly, sit at a desk all day, if they’re 20, or 80… What energizes me is getting to know people and helping them feel stronger and healthier in their skin! 

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"Working with Kate at Stretch*d has transformed my posture and flexibility!

Even after our first session, I felt like a new person riding home on the subway. She instantly made me feel comfortable and welcomed my questions about targeting specific areas or how to incorporate stretches at home. Her knowledge is matched by her compassion - she really connects and cares about her clients. Kate helped me think about new approaches to mobility and feeling better in my body. I can't thank her enough!"

Carolyn Bacon

"Kate was able to stretch me out in ways I couldn't possibly get to on my own.

PLUS, she made the whole experience very enjoyable, making sure I was comfortable and relaxed. I am constantly serving other people, reminding them to properly recover through stretching and foam rolling... that sometimes I forget to take care of myself! I highly recommend!"

Amanda Jane Snyder

"I could not have asked for anything more when I worked with Kate as my stretcher!

She is so knowledgeable, kind and so eager to help. I came to her after beginning a performing job in NYC and I cannot imagine doing this contract without her help. Every time I leave, I feel refreshed and ready to take on my next rehearsal. She is the best!"

Madeline Benoit
NBA Dancer

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