A little bit about my journey to now…..

You may think you have me pegged, but dig deeper, and you’ll learn that I’m quite a kooky girl. I love out of the box ideas, and I love them outright! And because of those ideas, I show up as an actor with big choices, and a hunger to experiment and play.

What connects me to the roles I see myself in is that while they look like they’d fit in a box, they have their own way of communicating and seeing the world. 

A decade into my professional career, and what roots me remains the same… Authenticity, playfulness, and leading with empathy in an effort to create impact through storytelling!

I am inspired by strong female leads and the power of contemporary storytelling! Whether it’s a character refusing to let other people’s ideas of them shape their reality or an ensemble fighting for what they believe in, I seek to tell stories that reflect positivity against all odds. 

I play women who keep saying "yes" when everyone else is saying "no".

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dream roles include:


K. Howard,





kinky boots

mean girls

A Few of
My Favorite Things




Marvel superheroes &
Disney princesses

anything written by Aaron Sorkin

a growth mindset

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